Typical Applications include:

●  Computers
●  Medical Equipment
●  Electronics Equipment
●  Testing Equipment
●  Laboratory Equipment
●  POS Terminals
●  Process Control Systems
●  Communication Systems
●  TV/Radio Broadcasting
●  Audio / Video Systems
●  Security Systems
H Models -
220V; 230V or 240V
L Models -
100V; 110V or 120V
HL Models -
Input: 220V; 230V or 240V
Output: 100V; 110V or 120V
LH Models -
Input: 100V; 110V or 120V
Output: 220V; 230V or 240V

Input Voltage Range
available from
± 15% (S15), ± 20% (S20),
± 25% (S25), ± 30% (S30),
± 30% (S30), ± 35% (S35),
± 40% (S40),
Rack Mount
Voltage Stabilisers
and Regulators
Mechanical Servo Design

Single Phase Rack Mount
AC Voltage Regulators
3 KVA to 10 KVA
Model SES-R

Rack Mount Voltage Stabilizers & Regulators
- Single Phase 3 to 10 KVA
  • Cost Efficient Electromechanical / Servo  type Single Phase Rack Mount Voltage
    Stabilisers and Regulators designed to maintain the mains voltage constant at all times.  

  • Ashley-Edison’s Rack-mount Automatic Voltage Stabilisers are designed where space is
    a constraint. Using the reliable technology found in our standard SES Voltage
    Regulators, these compact units will fit easily with other equipment, whether it is for
    telecommunication, broadcasting, sound system or other essential equipment.  

  • Offering high reliability, fast response and high output voltage accuracy, SES rack-mount  
    voltage stabilizers are ideal for most applications delivering no magnetic interference
    and being able to withstand high instantaneous overload conditions.

  • Wide Range
    Single Phase  3  to 10KVA
  • Input Swing Range
    Input Swing Range Available from
    ±15%, ±20%, ±25%, ±30%, ±35%, ±40%, (To Specify)
  • Output Voltage Regulation
    Accuracy ± 1%,
  • High Efficiency
    Better than 98%

Standard Features
  • Input circuit breaker
  • Over/low voltage protections
  • Bypass control switch Soft Switch-ON
  • Voltmeter
  • Lightning arresters

Compliance with International Standards
  • BS EN50081-1;2/IEC 61000-4-3;4
  • BS EN5490/IEC 60529
  • CE Conformity
  • EN55022,EN50082-2,ENV50140-1

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