AC Power Line Conditioners - 1 kVA to 200 kVA  
Single & Three Phase Power Conditioning Protection against Voltage Fluctuations and Line
Disturbances - Wide Input Range

● Based on our standard SES electro-mechanical stabilisers, PCS Series AC Power
Conditioners are designed to maintain the mains voltage constant at all times and clean of
line disturbances.  


Wide Range:   
- Single Phase Up to 40 kVA
- Three Phase Up to 150 kVA
- Larger kVA models available to order

Large Input Voltage Range:
± 15% (S15)
± 20% (S20)
± 25% (S25)
± 30% (S30)
± 35% (S35)

Output Voltage Regulation:
- Output Voltage Accuracy ± 1.5%   

Shielded Isolation Transformer:   
- Providing 120db of common-mode noise attenuation and neutral to ground bonding

Spike Suppression:   
- Protects Loads against high-energy surges and lightning strikes.

High Efficiency:   
- Better than 98%   

Standard Protection Features   
- Input Circuit Breaker   
- Bypass Control Switch
- Over / Low Voltage  Protection   
- Phase Failure Protection

Compliance with International Standards:   
- IEC 439, BS6527 & IEEE 587   

CE Conformity:   
- EN55022, EN50082-2, ENV50140-1   

● AC mains voltage fluctuations, common mode noise, and high energy transients can cause
equipment to behave erratically and malfunction. Some equipment will even breakdown
because of these problems. Failure to keep voltage stable can result in costly repairs.

● Ashley-Edison PCS AC Power Line Conditioners are designed to maintain the mains voltage
constant at all times. Their electronic amplifier controls will electronically correct the mains
voltage should the mains voltage go high or low.

● PCS conditioners are characterised by extreme high efficiency and are completely unaffected
by power factor, load and frequency variations. They can withstand high instantaneous
overloads and do not create any magnetic interference.

● Compact in size, quiet in operation, these conditioners are very suitable for indoor use.

For further details or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.

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PEN / PCEN     
H Models Single Phase                  
PCS - S15 1 to 50 KVA

H Models Three Phase Models    PCS-S15 6 to 200 KVA

PCS - S20 email us

PCS - S25 email us
Model PCS
AC Power Conditioners
Model PCS
Single Phase
1Kva ~ 50Kva
Three Phase  
6 to 200 kVA

H Models -
380/220V; 400/230V or

L Models -
200/115V; 208/120V or

Input Voltage Range
available from
± 15% (S15), ± 20% (S20),
± 25% (S25), ± 30% (S30),
± 35% (S35),

Typical Applications include:

●  Computers
●  Medical Equipment
●  Electronics Equipment
●  Testing Equipment
●  Laboratory Equipment
●  POS Terminals
●  Process Control Systems
●  Communication Systems
●  TV/Radio Broadcasting
●  Elevators / Lifts
●  Audio / Video Systems
●  Security Systems
●  Production Line
●  CNC Equipment
●  SMT Equipment
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