Single Phase
- Wall mount or Pole mount
Model OSES
Outdoor Automatic
Voltage Stabilisers -
Electro - Mechanical Servo

Three Phase AC Voltage
Regulators 6 KVA to 500 KVA

H Models -
380/220V; 400/230V or

L Models -
200/115V; 208/120V or

Input Voltage Range
available from
± 15% (S15), ± 20% (S20),
± 25% (S25),

● Communication Systems
●  TV / Radio Broadcasting
● Security Systems
● Communication Stations
●  Lighting Systems
●  Golf Course Lighting

Outdoor Voltage Stabilizers
Single & Three Phase - 6 to 500 kVA

  • Outdoor IP54 Single and Three Phase Voltage Stabilisers designed
    to maintain the mains voltage constant at all times.  

  • Based on our standard SES electro-mechanical stabilisers, OSES
    stabilsers offer high reliability, fast response and high output voltage

  • Housed in IP54 enclosures, OSES voltage stabilizers are ideal for
    most applications delivering no magnetic interference and being able
    to withstand high instantaneous overload conditions.

  • Wide Range
    Single Phase & Three Phase
    6 to 500KVA
  • Input Swing Range Available from
    ±10%, ±15%, ±20%, ±25%, (To Specify)
  • Output Voltage Regulation
    Accuracy ± 1%,
  • High Efficiency
    Better than 98%
  • Independent Phase Control Circuit
    Maintain each phase voltage stable,
    irrespective of load unbalance.
  • Soft Switch-ON
Ensure that the Voltage Stabiliser is at its
minimum before it commence full stabilization

Standard Features
  • Input circuit breaker
  • Over/low voltage protection
  • Phase-failure protection
  • Bypass control switch
  • Voltmeter / Selector switch
  • Lightning arresters

Optional Accessories
  • Output circuit breaker
  • Frequency meter
  • Manual maintenance bypass switch
  • Ammeter / Selector switch

Compliance with International Standards
  • BS EN50081-1;2/IEC 61000-4-3;4
  • BS EN5490/IEC 60529
  • CE Conformity
  • EN55022,EN50082-2,ENV50140-1

For further details or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.

Download the PDF Fact Sheets:
OSES - Single Phase

OSES - Three Phase
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