Model OCVC

OCVC - AC Constant Voltage  
Compensator - Outdoor
Type IP54

Three Phase Constant  Voltage
Compensators (up to 1000 kVA)  

H Models 400V (380/415V)
L Models 208V Other voltages
available to order
Typical Applications include:
● Perimeter Lighting Systems
●  Golf Course Lighting
● Communication Stations
● Security Systems
●  Communication Systems
●  TV/Radio Broadcasting Stations
Golf Course
Lighting Systems
Indoor Type IP20
Model CVC & CVCL
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    Problems with Voltage Drop in long
cable run?

Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulation Control Module (VRCM)
Eliminate Voltage Drop in Long Cable Run
and SAVE on Cable Cost.
Cable Volt Drop Problems?
Installations with long cable runs have an inherent problem of developing high voltage drops
across their cables. To overcome this it is necessary to select and use larger sized electrical
cables in order to reduce such voltage drops to an acceptable level.
IEE Regulations stipulate that a volt drop should be
no more than 4% which means that for a 400V
system the drop across any length of its cable
should not exceed 16 volts. So as an example, if
a supply voltage is 400V on the transmission end
then the voltage at the other end of the cable should
not be less than 384V.

In addition to a cable voltage drop, main supply voltages have a permissible fluctuation range of
+/- 6%, providing the mains supply is connected directly to the supply authority. If this is not case
then fluctuating mains voltages may be even higher due to the various loads which may be
connected (plus load changing conditions) in between.

Taking into consideration these various factors it is apparent that the overall voltage drop at the
end point of a cable can be quite substantial. To meet IEE requirements, it is essential to select
a correctly sized and rated cable to keep within the permissible volt drop levels for each

In recent years copper prices have risen significantly and under IEE compliant situations the
choice of power cable size can now have a really significant impact on project installation costs.

OCVC Slashes Electrical Cable Sizing & Costs
Our NEW range of outdoor cost efficient Voltage Compensators enable you to  “compensate” for
these expensive voltage drops, by boosting up voltage and keeping it constant - ensuring you
are able to make
SUBSTANTIAL savings on your electrical power cable costs.

Key Features   

● Large Range - up to 1000 kVA   

● 400V (H)  & 208V (L) Output Voltage Models Available
I(H) Input Voltage Range available from :
-(S1)  373V ~ 430V
-(S2)  352V ~ 430V
-(S3)  332V ~ 430V
-(S4)  311V ~ 430V
-(S5)  290V ~ 430V
(To Specify)  
(L) Input Voltage Range Available from:
-(S1)  198V ~ 230V
-(S2)  187V ~ 230V
-(S3)  176V ~ 230V
-(S4)  165V ~ 230V
-(S5)  154V ~ 230V
(To Specify)    

● High Efficiency   

● Independent Phase Control Sensing   

● Standard Protection Features   
-Input circuit breaker
-Bypass control switch
-Over/low voltage protection
-Phase-failure protection
-Voltmeter / Selector switch
-Soft Switch-ON
-Lightning arrester   

● IP54 Enclosure Protection   

● Compliance with International Standards

For further details or to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us.

Ideal for critical load applications!

Now also available  with the new
Parallel Redundant Voltage Regulation Control Module
fitted on each of the phases. Should one module on a phase fail  or malfunction the
other one will step in automatically ensuring no interruption to the load or loss of capacity.

Intelligent Diagnostic Monitoring System (IDMS)
This IDMS feature can detect if the compensator is performing optimally or just laying idle.

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