Model FCM
AC Frequency Converter

Three Phase  
10 to 80 KVA
Three Phase  10  to 80 KVA
Model FCM
Three Phase
100KVA ~ 2000KVA

Typical Applications include:

- AC Power Source for   
- Electronics Equipment
- Computer/Monitor/Scanner
& Peripherals test
- Switching Power Supply test
- Transformer test
- Testing Equipment
- Laboratory Equipment
- Process Control Systems
Frequency Converter cum Line Conditioner (2 in 1)

In today's industry, global commerce has become a way of life. This creates the necessity to convert
power for equipment used in environments where dissimilar voltages and frequencies are the norm.  
Ashley-Edison’s Frequency Converters are an economical answer to running your industrial equipment
overseas, or your overseas equipment here. In some cases, our frequency converters are an ideal source
of power for entire factories.
Ashley-Edison’s Frequency Converter  are used for converting power frequency and voltages.  With
frequency, this is most often 50Hz or 60Hz utility line frequency power over to 50Hz, 60Hz, power to run
equipment. The FCM-LXT range of High Performance Frequency Converters cum Line Conditioners
(2 in 1) provides highly flexible, yet reliable, AC power ranging from 10 to 80 KVA. Using field-proven
double-conversion technology, the FCM-LXT range offers unmatched power quality, compact in size and
high efficiency. Economically priced Frequency Converters are ideal for applications requiring clean and
regulated AC power. These equipment utilise linear amplification to provide low distortion and precision
output performance. Set up and operation is extremely easy.  

  • Range 10 to 200 KVA
  • Input / Output Voltage
    200/208/220V 3Phase or 380/400/415V 3Phase
  • Output Frequency 50 or 60HZ
  • Efficiency: Better than 92%
  • Distortion (THD) <2%
  • Surge Rating 125/150 % of the rated current per 10'/1'
  • Compliance with International Standards
    EN62040-1 EMC EN 62040-2
    Directives 73/23-93/68-89/336 EEC EN 62040-3
Model: FCM-LXT
Range: 10KVA to 80KVA
Model: FCM
Range: 100KVA to 200KVA
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