Model FCL
AC Lab-Frequency Converter

Single Phase  
500VA ~ 10 KVA
Model FCL
Single Phase  
500VA  ~ 1 KVA
Model FCL
Single Phase
3KVA ~ 10KVA

Typical Applications include:

- AC Power Source for   
- Electronics Equipment
- Computer/Monitor/Scanner
& Peripherals test
- Switching Power Supply test
- Transformer test
- Testing Equipment
- Laboratory Equipment
- Process Control Systems

400Hz Power Systems
- Airport Grounding Equipment
- Military Diagnostic Systems
- Avionics, Marine Equipment
Single phase AC Lab-Frequency Converter -  500VA to 10 KVA

FCL SERIES of economically priced Lab-Frequency Converters are ideal for applications requiring clean
regulated AC power. These instruments utilizes IGBT’s to provide low distortion and precision output
performance. Setup and operation is exceptionally easy The simple front panel layout allows users to
continuously vary voltage and frequency or to select preset standard frequency settings. Universal
power outlets are provided on the front panel for ready access to the controlled power.

  • Range 500 to 10 KVA
  • Input Voltage 220V or 110Vac
  • Output Voltage 0 ~ 150V, 0 ~ 300V Ac Selectable
  • Output Frequency 40.0 ~ 499.9HZ (Programmable)
  • Efficiency: Better than 9%
  • Distortion (THD) <2%
  • Surge Rating 150 % for 30sec, 125% for 1min
  • Compliance with International Standards
    EN62040-1 EMC EN 62040-2
    Directives 73/23-93/68-89/336 EEC EN 62040-3

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