AC Automatic Voltage Optimisers
Cutting Electricity Costs by up to 20%
And ensuring we all do our bit for the Environment

A VOLTSTREAM Automatic Voltage Optimiser (AVO) reduces your energy usage by   optimising the electricity supply voltage; significantly
reducing your ongoing electricity costs and, through the need for less energy, greatly assisting in the quest for reducing your carbon footprint.
In addition, a VOLTSTREAM AVO protects electrical equipment against damaging power surges and voltage transients.  Through ensuring
an optimised supply voltage, your electrical load equipment should be able to operate more efficiently and be more able of obtaining intended
design life - with the added benefit of reduced ongoing equipment maintenance costs.

Voltage Optimisation: A UK and Global Phenomenon
The interest in Voltage Optimisation is a growing worldwide trend, being particularly strong in the UK.

With Europe’s electrical equipment’s normally intended design voltage being  220V, in the UK, where generated supply voltage is typically
between 240 to 245V,
VOLTSTREAM  Voltage Optimisers consistently deliver savings of between 10 to 20% on electricity bills.  

Under such circumstances
VOLTSTREAM  AVOs deliver a speedy Return On Investment (ROI), especially when their economic justification is
further strengthened, on environmental grounds, through the availability of Government backed unsecured loan funding from the Carbon Trust

Voltage Optimisation and Ashley-Edison

With our strong and wide manufacturing base, every VOLTSTREAM solution we supply is backed by unrivalled experience we have gained in
world voltage control markets over the last 25 years or so.

Over that time, our unique design innovations have set new performance levels and the bread of our offerings have broadened to
accommodate the needs and ever demanding requirements of our growing Client base.
Up to 20% Lower Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions
Protects electrical and electronic load equipment from damaging voltage
transients and surges
Optimum voltage extends the life of electrical and electronic load equipment
and reduces maintenance costs
AC Automatic Voltage Optimisers
Operating on a 24 / 7 basis, VOLTSTREAM Automatic Voltage Optimisers not only save energy and reduce carbon  
emissions, they also enhance the security of your supply.
Range Available Include
Rating Amps
Single Phase
20 ~ 200 Amps
  20 ~ 100 Amps
Three Phase
32 ~ 700 Amps
  40 ~ 700 Amps
  400 ~ 2000 Amps

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