Introducing Ashley-Edison

solution providers. Our products are on duty equipment where the
power must never found to be equipment where the power must never
found to be wanting - not even for a single second!
wanting - not even for a single second!

Welcome to the Power that is Ashley-Edison

When the talking stops, it's the company with the hardware that will
solve your power supply problems. Fact is, you can only offer genuine,
unbiased advice when ALL the options are available in every degree of
sophistication from simple voltage compensation to a complete
uninterruptible power source. Your Ashley-Edison man has precisely
that background. The world's widest choice, plus the unique 25 year
experience of a team that has been leading it's field from day one.

So if you are looking for a world class power protection system , do the
logical thing, get your local
Ashley-Edison office / representative to
quote price and delivery on one of their
well proven quality solutions.
With unrivaled technological features, priced at levels that blow the
competition away, you'll wonder why you ever considered anyone else!

Power Protection - the informed choice

With our strong and wide manufacturing base, Ashley-Edison is able
to meet the requirements of most Clients from our own in-house
professional resources.

The sheer span of capability available from Ashley-Edison tells its own
story. Every power protection solution we offer is backed by the
unrivalled experience we have gained in world markets over the last 25
years or so. In that time, our unique design innovations have set new
performance levels and the breadth of our offering has broadened to
accommodate the needs and ever demanding requirements of our
growing Client base.

Our success is based entirely on our ability to meet the requirements
of our Customers dependably and cost-effectively. Today, where
performance is everything, whatever your AC mains supply problem,
Ashley-Edison have the ability to offer a solution from our extensive
range of standard and custom built products.

After & Pre-Sales Support Services available include . .

Design & Consultancy Advice
Site Assessments & Surveys
Technical Helpline / Support Desk
Repair Facility
Preventative Maintenance
24 Hour On Site Emergency Remedial Cover
Battery Maintenance and Replacement
Upgrade / Exchange

International Commitment

The world comes to Ashley-Edison for power protection solutions, and
we are equally keen to bring our experience and advice to you. We see
our products on duty in all continents, facing some of the most rigorous
environments. With our ever growing world network, there may well be
an Ashley-Edison office or agent near you already. If not, contact us
direct. We are internationally minded, and at your service.
In Telecommunications
  TV, radio and telephone transmitters
and relay stations, radar
installations,navigational beacons
etc, all need dependable power for
reliable operation.
  Many such facilities are in remote locations, supplied
over long lines or even from their own generators.
Ashley-Edison units are in service worldwide - with
communication networks, even national security,
depending on them.
In Computers
  Computers and other electronic
business systems  are highly
sensitive to power fluctuations.
Even a brief  voltage drop below
design limits will upset logic circuits,
bringing chaos to stored
  data , calculations etc. So the fast response Ashley Edison
Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) and Uninterruptible
Power Supplies (UPS) are playing a major role in computer
applications around the world.  
In Industry
  Many processes and production lines
slow down and even stop as a result
of power problems. With just a simple
voltage drop welding equipment
produces faulty welds, ovens and
  furnaces take far longer to heat up, electroplating processes
lose their efficiency and today's microprocessor controlled
machine tools develop faults. All reasons why industrial
plants worldwide look to Ashley-Edison  for the solution to
their power problems.
In refrigeration
  When air-conditioning and
refrigeration systems experience
any form of power disturbance,
even just a minor voltage
fluctuation, impaired
  performance or often system shutdown is the end result.   
As a major international problem Ashley-Edison units are
regularly relied upon to guarantee the availability of a
clean and regulated power source.
In research
  Electronic instruments play a major
role in laboratory work and their
measuring accuracy depends totally
on the quality of power they receive.
An abrupt voltage drop from a factory
process starting  up near by
  perhaps can invalidate the results from a costly research
program. Today many world research establishments
depend on Ashley Edison for ensuring the quality of their
power supply whether it be for a single instrument or an
entire laboratory.
      Products available include..
- AC Automatic Voltage Regulators
- AC Power Conditioners
- AC Constant Voltage Compensators
- Auto And Isolation Transformers
- Variable Toroidal Transformers
- Uninterruptible Power Supplies
- Frequency Converters
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