Variable & Motorised Toroidal Transformers (AE & MAE)

Ashley-Edison offers 'Variac' style Variable Transformers with ratings from 120V to 600V AC - 3 to 500 Amps. Available
as either single or three phase solutions, models are available in 'Open', 'Protected' or 'Motorised' formats.

While today there are many modern alternatives to the Variable Transformer for controlling voltage, the load tolerant nature of
the Variable Transformer ensures that it is still the best and most reliable method of control for a large variety of applications
where stepless control of  a distortion free AC output and dependent parameters is essential.
Typical uses include quality control testing, electronic equipment burn-in, low voltage performance evaluation, DC rectifier /
regulator analysis or other industrial and engineering applications.
Our endurable ranges of variable transformers all deliver an efficient and trouble free method of varying AC voltages with an
output from zero to line voltage.
AC Variable Transformers
Single Phase & Three Phase

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AC Motorised Variable
Single Phase & Three

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AC Lab-Variable Transformers  
Single Phase

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