AC Uninterruptible Power

Three Phase  
10KVA ~ 80 KVA
Three Phase  
10KVA  ~ 80KVA
- Series: Three phase or
Single phase Input/output

- Series: Three phase
Input/ Output

Typical Applications include:

- Network Stations
- UNIX Workstations
- CAD/CAM/CAE Workstation
- Departmental Servers
- Desktop Servers
- Small Business Servers
- PCs
AC Uninterruptible Power Supply Three Phase  

Ashley-Edison’s Multistandard series establishes a new level in the UPS market with its innovative
Adaptive Control concept. This ensures that the UPS provides computer grade output power whilst
optimising its efficiency.

The units are available in two versions:
AEU-LXM - Series: Three phase or Single phase input/output
AEU-LXT - Series: Three phase input/output

Have you protected your expensive business critical systems against power supply
  • Reliable, stabilised, filtered voltage (true double online
    conversion technology specifications) with filters for
    suppression of atmospheric disturbances
  • Event log with 128 messages which states measurements,
    alarms available on standard multi-language LCD display
  • High efficiency:
          - 92% in True online double conversion mode       
          - up to 98% in “Economy Mode”  (VI-Class)
  • Maximum reliability and availability of power    (modular
    parallel up to 6 units for redundant parallel (N+1) or power
  • High level reliability of the batteries
          - automatic battery test
          - temperature compensated recharging of  
  • Emergency operation: the UPS can be set for operating only
    with mains absent (for emergency lights operations)
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