Ashley-Edison Global Power Protection

Computers, office, telecommunications, industrial control
systems, as well as many other key applications and services,
are totally dependent on the quality of the power which feeds
them. This is why power protection systems from Ashley-Edison
are today, in many areas of our life, considered absolutedly
Ashley-Edison AC Automatic Voltage Stabilizers  

● The Informed AC Voltage Stabilizer Choice

When the talking stops, it's the company with the voltage
stabiliser hardware that will solve your power supply problems.
Fact is, you can only offer genuine, unbiased advise when ALL
the options are available in every degree of sophistication from
simple voltage compensation to a complete uninterruptible power
source. Your Ashley-Edison man has precisely that background.
The world's widest voltage stabilizer choice, plus the unique 25
year experience of a team that has been leading it's field from
day one.
  Cutting Electricity Costs by up to 20%
And ensuring we all do our bit for the Environment

A VOLTSTREAM Automatic Voltage Optimiser (AVO) reduces your energy usage by optimising the electricity supply    
voltage; significantly reducing your ongoing electricity costs and, through the need for less energy, greatly assisting in
the quest for reducing your carbon footprint.
Checkout the latest VOLTSTREAM Automatic Optimiser
Huge saving on Electricity Costs up to 20%
● Outstanding Manufacturer Pricing

So if your looking for a world class voltage stabilizer / power
conditioner system, do the logical thing, get your local Ashley
Edison office / representative to quote price and  delivery on
one of their well proven quality stabiliser solutions. With
unrivalled  technological features, priced at levels that blow the
competition away, you'll wonder why you ever considered
anyone else!
New Products Update
Voltage Compensators
    Our new range of Cable Voltage Drop Compensators
    that enable huge savings on ever rising cable costs.
Voltage Stabilisers
    Our new range SESL Three phase models Voltage
    Stabilisers are equipped with Parallel Redundant
    Voltage Regulation Control Modules (VRCM).
Rack Mount Voltage Stabilisers
    SES-R single phase models now also available in
    rack mount format - 3 to 10 KVA
Outdoor Voltage Stabilisers
    OSES single phase models now available from
    6KVA to 500KVA
Voltage Optimisers
       Our new range of  VOLTSTREAM energy saving
    Voltage Optimisers consistently savings of up to
    20% on electrcity bills
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